Earn 30% from each paying customer you bring in.

ClicksArmour will pay you out 30% of each client’s invoice monthly. If you are an affiliate marketer, agency, website owner or just a normal guy that wants to earn some passive inclome - try it out.

Earn comission on your affiliates.

It's a piece of cake

Here’s how to get started with earning a commission from

people that register through your affiliate link.

sign up

Sign up

Signing up only asks you for basic information that will take you seconds to fill in.

Promote ClicksArmour

Promote ClicksArmour

Place banners and posts in any blog, forum, email or video.

Get your commission

Get Your Commission

Get 30% recurring commission for each paying customer that came via your link.

Awesome for

Affiliate Marketers

You like earning passive income by doing some marketing? That's perfect! Drive some traffic to our website and earn 30% on each invoice payed by your refferals.


You have a lot of clients that need click-farud protection? Bring them in and earn 30% of each invoice they pay.


You have a big following of people, who you teach how to set up optimized ad campaigns? Tell them about ClicksArmour and how ew can help them save money by defaruding clicks and earn 30% on each invoice they pay.


How do I get started?

After signing up, you'll need to go to your Account Settings > Affiliate Program.

There, you'll setup your affiliate code and payout details, as well as see detailed stats.

How do I get my pay out?

You'll get a payout every month, assuming you have balance over $20 USD. The payout happens through PayPal.

Do I need to get approved first?

No. All you need to do is sign up and you're good to go. Setup your affiliate link and start sharing accross the internet!

How much can I earn?

There's no limit. The more people you bring in, the more passive profits you'll see. We give our affiliate partners 30% commission on each payed invoice.

Is there a minimum balance for payout?

Yes. We pay out once your balance hits more than $20 USD.

How do I get payed?

You'll get payed monthly via PayPal. For payments up to $100 USD, you'll get payed out automatically. For payments bigger than that, please sent a payment request to billing@clicksarmour.com with an invoice for the amount attached to the email.