Say NO to ad fraud, say YES to more conversions, spend LESS on your Ads

ClicksArmour monitors, detects and blocks all bad actors from seeing and visiting your Google Ads. You have full control over how that happens.

Block fake impressions and clicks.

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Signing up only asks you for basic information that will take you seconds to fill in.

Connect Google Ads

We'll prompt you to give us access to your google ads account.

Your Ads Are protected

We can now block all non-converting visitors to your website

Stop wasting your ad budget, increase your conversions

Your ads reach the right people

ClicksArmour monitors the ad traffic your website receives 24/7. All visits that come from paid sources are analyzed for fraudulent activity and blocked instantly when detected. That way your ads won't be shown to them again and you'll have more budget for the right people.

clean visits, blocked IPs, clicks saved

Full control over who you let in

Aid ClicksArmour's AI detection algorithm with your input. Let it know which users you deem fraudulent and untrustworthy and ClicksArmour will make sure those visitors get blocked.

You can add custom rules, block VPNs and Bots, as well as JS disabled browsers. Furthermore, you can select which engagement level is satisfactory.

detection rules

Full reports on your ad traffic

Get comprehensive analytics on each click you receive from Google Ads, including:⁤ device types, block reason, most clicked keywords, engagement level, time spent on the site, country of origin and more.

ad traffic report

Save your budget

Let your ad budget go to real potential customers only. protect your budget from wasteful spending by blocking fake traffic. Decrease your cost per conversion while increasing your number of conversions

save your budget

We block all fraudulent ad traffic to your website

Bot Clicks

Bot Clicks

Bots are ruining a lot of good services on the Internet these days, but when it comes to ads, they could be devastating. Don't let that happen! 42% of internet traffic are bots. We block 'em.

Competitor Clicks

Competitor Clicks

You think it is a fairy tale. Can't be... Your competitors clicking on your ads? Think again. When it comes to money and competition, the game is very dirty!

Click Farms

Click Farms

Those are like bots and competitors' clicks but on steroids. There are a lot of bots for a lot of competitors doing harm all at once! The ugly side of the Internet.

Brand Haters

Brand Haters

You were very unsatisfied with a particular product or service? You saw it in an ad and the first reaction was - "Is this being advertised? What the hell? Let's drain their marketing budget" No, seriously. We are sure it is not you, but there are a lot of people thinking this way and doing it.



Small phone screen, thick fingers? A lot of people click on the wrong links and buttons while browsing. This is really not intentional, but it happens and it is not good for your ad campaign. We can detect those, too.